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Edward Young
Strona tytułowa pierwszego wydania książki "ONE OF OUR SUBMARINES", wspomnień Edwarda Younga, dowódcy
brytyjskiego okrętu podwodnego
HMS STORM w czasie II wojny światowej.
Wydawnictwo: Rupert Hart-Davis, Soho Square London. Rok wydania: 1952. Stron: 316. Liczne fotografie i rysunki.
------Słowo wstępne do książki Edwarda Younga napisał admirał sir George Creasy. Cytuję ten tekst poniżej w oryginalnym

---------------------------------by Admiral Sir George Creasy, K.C.B., C.B.E., D.S.O., M.V.O.
-----------------------------------------------------Commander-in-Chief Home Fleet

I HAD the honour and happiness to command the Submarine Branch of the Royal Navy from September, 1944, to October, 1946.

------In pre-1939 days our Submarine Branch was regarded as very much the preserve of the regular Royal Naval officer and rating. It was
my distinguished predecessor, the late Admiral Sir Max Horton, G.C.B., D.S.O., who, foreseeing the inevitable expansion that would be
required of the Branch, insisted on opening the entry to officers of the Royal Naval Reserve and the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. This
policy was pursued by his successor and my immediate predecessor, the late Admiral Sir Claud Barry, K.B.E., C.B., D.S.O.

------Thus when I inherited the command I found that more than half the officers of our submarines were from the R.N.R. and the R.N.V.
R., the latter in the majority owing to their larger numbers. And of these a considerable number had risen to the command of submarines.

------This book gives some idea of what these officers had to face in transforming themselves from amateurs (and I am sure they will
forgive me the term) into the equals and, at times, the superiors of the professionals. But I think the reader will have to use his or her
imagination in reading between the lines to appreciate fully what this great achievement really entailed.

------Of this gallant band of R.N.R. and R.N.V.R. submarine captains the author of this book had built up a fighting record which was
second to none and he was, indeed, one of our greatest submarine captains.

------I always enjoyed reading his Patrol Reports. Not only did they tell of good work and of well-earned success but they told their stories
so clearły, so simply, that they always made good reading. I was not surprised when I was told that Commander Young was, by
profession, a publisher. When he came to see me, on his final return from active service, I told him I hoped he would put his submarine
experiences into book form. He was somewhat vague but implied that he hoped to do so "some day". Now he has done so, and this book
telis in a simple and straight forward way the story of a very gallant and distinguished career in submarines. The story is told with the
sincerity and modesty characteristic of the man. He has, however, included at the end of the book a list of the ship's company of H. M.
STORM which gives the honours and awards won by himself, his officers and men. This list can well be left to tell its own
story of skill, courage and efficiency in action.

-----I hope this book will be read by a wide public. I am sure that all its readers will share the admiration and affection of the officers and
men of the Royal Navy for their brothers-in-arms of the Royal Naval Reserve and the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GEORGE CREASY
H.M.S. Vanguard,
----at Portland,
--------22nd May 1952.

dr Piotr Mierzejewski, hr. Calmont